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Trudy Marcellino

Spring, TX Associate


Trudy Marcellino

Spring, TX Associate

(713) 384-1811

19415 Dianeshire Suite 775
Spring, TX 77388

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19415 Dianeshire Suite 775
Spring, TX 77388

Phone: (713) 384-1811
Fax: (281) 377-0930

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(713) 384-1811

Offer better benefits with Aflac. It's voluntary insurance that won't cost your business a penny.*

Why Aflac insurance for small businesses?

  • You can add great value while protecting your bottom line because Aflac premiums are employee-funded and completely voluntary.
  • Aflac policies help provide a safety net of protection for your employees when they need it most.
  • Aflac pays claims fast so your employees can focus on recovery. It’s our promise to process, approve, and pay claims in just a day.
  • Contact Trudy in Spring, TX to learn about Aflac's benefits solutions for small, medium and large businesses, from group and individual insurance plans to enrollment services and technologies.

*There may be indirect administrative or other costs.

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